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Amazon Floor Sanding Newcastle….Where Quality Comes First!

Amazon Floor Sanding Newcastle, have been operational in Newcastle, in one form or another for approximately 27 years. We at Amazon, understand the requirements of the market fully, with respect, to all aspects of Timber Flooring, Laying, and Polishing, taking great pride over many years, trialing and developing technologies to make our work better, in turn, making the experience better for our Client. Gone are the days of dusting out our customer premises and causing hours of cleaning, at the end of a Polishing Job. We have the most advanced dust extraction Equipment.

Amazon Floor Sanding Newcastle began transforming homes in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and Port Stephens with their exceptional service and quality. Our professionals are qualified and registered, specialising in the timber floor laying and wood floor restoration. Clients will exclusively benefit from their combined year's experience in the flooring industry and it will certainly reflect in the finish of your floor.

We offer installation to renovators, builders, architects and the common public. We provide the wide range of services in the form of sanding floors, polishing floors, vanishing floors, parquet floors and more.

Amazon Floor Sanding Newcastle, delivers to the customer, 21st Century Technology, in all aspects of Timber Polishing, from the beginning of the procedure, right through to completion and handover. We consider it an honor, to be trusted, by our customer, as well as that. to be invited to carry out the work in your home, knowing and respecting the fact, the family home is generally the most important asset and generally hard won.

Because of this fact, we at Amazon take great care, with our workmanship. Polishing Timber well, takes Experience, Technological Advancements, in Tooling and above all, Application to complete each procedure with extreme care. We never ever rush our work. Polishing something, whether it be a collectable antique, or simply a beautiful Australian Timber Floor, to a high tolerance , takes skill and commitment. At Amazon, we have all the above. Not only that, we Guarantee it.

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We specialise in timber floor polishing services that will exclusively revitalise your flooring, and efficiently..

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